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FieryCut nesting and cutting software

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The FieryCut software consists of modules:

  1. Creation of parts geometry (Geometry);
  2. Accommodation of parts on a sheet metal (Nesting software);
  3. Creation of the CNC program for profile cutting machines (Laser and plasma cutting software).

To provide the user with as much as possible convenient and exact tool for creation and editing of parts profiles, the FieryCut nesting and cutting software is integrated into the most popular system - AutoCAD and Mechanical.

The use of the FieryCut nesting software and cutting software modules is possible in the following versions


Module of work with geometry (Geometry)

  • Automatic creation of parts contours using the drawn or imported geometry.
  • Support of parts and stocks having rectangular and complex geometry.
  • Nesting of contours is not limited.
  • Used elements for construction of profiles - line, arc, circle, polyline.
  • Test and automatic editing of errors in geometry (imposing of contours, breaks of contours).
  • Test of profiles on intersecting.
  • Test of profiles on breaks.
  • Change type Lead-in / Lead-out generation Yes/No.
  • Change type of a profile In/Out.
  • Calculation of the area of a surface and weight of parts.
  • Report on contours and operating ratio of sheet metal.


    Module of parts nesting on a sheet metal (Nesting software)

  • Automatic nesting of parts on stocks of any profile. It allows to use scraps of a sheet metal of any profile.
  • Interactive / manual nesting. Auto nesting + Manual nesting (moving, addition, removal of parts).
  • Multiple stocks in a single job.
  • Using of groups of parts.
  • Using of holes for automatic nesting of parts (Only the Advanced method).
  • Restriction on allowable rotation angle of parts. The control of an allowable rotation angle of parts.
  • Priority of sequence of parts placing can be established for each a part.
  • Two methods of parts nesting:
  • Rectangular nesting. This method allows placing parts having the rectangular and non-rectangular form. To have possibility of automatic nesting of parts in holes of other parts, it is necessary to use Advanced Nesting.
  • Advanced nesting (Shape nesting). This method is used for nesting of parts of any profile. The FieryCut nesting software automatically places parts in holes of other parts.
  • Nesting parts on stock using displacement between parts and stock.
  • Visualization of nesting.
  • Report on results of nesting on each sheet.
  • The FieryCut nesting software automatically creates nesting of parts on a sheet material from sheet metal (steel), wood, glass, fabric, leather and any other sheet material.

    Sample nesting software


    Module of creation of CNC programs (Laser and plasma cutting software)

  • Automatic toolpath generation.
  • Toolpath optimization.
  • Nesting of parts in other parts it is not limited.
  • Creating bridges between of parts contours.
  • Creating contours with jumpers.
  • Manual toolpath generation.
  • Editing of the commands of cutting (the insert, removal, redefinition, change of sequence).
  • CNC code generation (CNC program) for profile cutting machines.
  • Calculation of time of cutting, and also total length of working and fast moving (for calculation of power inputs at cutting).
  • Cut simulation.
  • Generator of postprocessors. Using it you will easily and quickly create a new postprocessor or will edit the existing one. If necessary, our specialists will adjust postprocessors for your machine tools free of charge.
  • The FieryCut cutting software automatically creates CNC programs for profile cutting machines of the following types: laser, plasma, waterjet, diamond, wire (only 2D).

    Sample laser cutting software and plasma cutting software


    System requirements for FieryCut nesting software and cutting software

    Integration with AutoCAD/Mechanical AutoCAD 2007 - AutoCAD 2020,
    Mechanical 2007 - Mechanical 2020
    Operating system Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Supports all Windows x86 and x64 where works AutoCAD
    Computer/processor Pentium 2000 Mhz or above
    It is desirable to have multiple cores. FieryCut use all the processor core.
    Memory 1024 MB or above (Requirement AutoCAD/Mechanical)
    Video 1024 x 768 (recommended 1280x1024 or above)


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